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I came across a couple articles spouting "evidence" that bullying is good for children and teaches them how to be strong and defend themselves. Here's a little story about a girl whose school years caused psychological scars too deep to ever be forgotten. A girl gang made fun of her hair, her clothes, the way she talked, and the fact that she had no friends. She tried to stand up to them and talk back but she didn't know what to say and they only laughed in her face. Defending herself physically was out of the question because there were five-six of them and only one of her. There was also the matter that even fighting to defend yourself would have gotten you suspended or expelled. Ah, the lovely school system.

She was shoved against walls, to the ground, tripped, hit in the head with backpacks, spit on, and even had things like glue and tape stuck in her hair. When she finally broke down and cried because she couldn't take it anymore they only laughed harder and threw dirt at her. She begged her mother not to take her to school because of the fear the bullies has struck in her. Taking things to the principal did no good. He simply shook his finger at the bullies and told everybody to get along. No suspension, not even detention.

This continued throughout junior high and high school. The girl became quiet and isolated and her grades suffered.

Finally, it wasn't standing up for herself that made things better, or fighting back that built her confidence. She met some very caring people in her later years of high school who accepted her for who she was and became her close friends. They helped her build the social skills she should have learned as a child and helped make her into a bright, bubbly, confident, independent adult.

I didn't make up this story just to make a point, by the way. This is the story of MY childhood. I was that girl. To this day, despite the strength and confidence I found through my friends, I retain scars from my childhood experiences. I feel anxious in social situations and break down during conflicts. I also experience strange fears concerning people and social interactions of certain kinds. Heck, I used to be afraid of talking on the telephone. I've since lost the fear but it still makes me very uncomfortable. I think I'll live with these issues for the rest of my life.

Some people are saying now that the kids who are bullied need to learn some lessons through the bullying. Except that I was just fine and a very healthy child, both physically and mentally, before the bullies showed up. And the issues that I had didn't go away until the bullying stopped. It's the bullies who really need the help. We all know that kids become bullies because they have no confidence in themselves and they want to make themselves feel better by bringing others down. If they're jealous of another kids' abilities or looks or what have you, they bully them to make that kid look not so hot. I would say that somebody who does that has some severe issues that need to be identified and dealt with. A child should not grow up with such self esteem problems. It causes them (and everyone they interact with) grief.

I agree, however, that if the bullied kids were able to stand up for themselves successfully that it would be a terrific confidence builder. I would have been thrilled if I'd gotten the bullies to leave me alone all by myself! However, most kids don't have the know-how or the tools to do it, especially if they're younger children. Their social skills aren't advanced enough.

First of all, the bullies DO need to be dealt with. Perhaps not by severe punishment, but by counseling to help them with the self esteem that's causing their behavior. There's also a good chance that there are things going on at home that aren't helping the situation.

Secondly, I think a self-help program for children who are being bullied to teach them the skills to deal with it would also be beneficial, and maybe a program to help them socialize with children like them so that they can make close, lasting friends to help them through the hard times. A program like this would work miracles.

If anyone would like to read the articles I mentioned above, here are the links:


This meme seems to be made for me!

Meme from singswithtrees: "Your mission: go forth and post telling us how fucking awesome you are, and all the fucking awesome shit you can do. And we in turn will look at it and not think of it as rampant narcissism or egotism or any of that shit. We will look at it and go 'Wow, my friends are some pretty fucking awesome people.' And you will go, and tell them that they, too, should tell the internet how fucking awesome they are. And you can copy and paste this or whatever."

Hello good peoples! Let me tell you a story. There once was a girl named Genevieve. Now, this is girl is fucking awesome. Not only is she quite the looker but she's got a pretty impressive brain between those cute ears. She has IQ of around 160, actually. Yes, brains and beauty! She's also tall and gracefully slender. Okay, okay, that cute, smart girl is me. But that's not all. I've got talent coming out every orifice! My brilliant art brings people to tears, not just drawing either. I can paint and color using any medium and I'm quite skilled with sculpture as well. I can create a masterpiece out of just about anything. Give me some yarn and I'll hand you something you can wear in a matter of hours, not just via knitting but crocheting as well (which I taught to myself!). My costumes and wigs are famous on the internetz! Heck, I'M famous on the internetz! Most of my costumes are made from patterns that I either modified or created by hand. Each one is painstakingly identical to the character it represents. I can quote the entirety of several movies from memory and act out the parts with amazing talent! I can portray any role you throw at me and have taken on several leading roles in my time at a professional theater and got PAID for it! And don't limit me to just movies and plays. Bring on the MUSICALS! My voice is like that of an angel. I can sing with the likes of Sarah Brightman and Kristin Chenoweth. I was operatically trained and have a THREE AND A HALF OCTAVE RANGE. Yes, you read correctly. I can sing anything from tenor to the very highest of the high soprano, any style, I can even imitate voices. I've been doing impersonations since I was five and can imitate just about any voice, even men! I've even written my own music. I can compose and harmonize and have put together several musical arrangements and recorded them using nothing but my voice. To complete the musical talent I have ten years of ballet and a couple years of tap training under my belt. I am what they call a triple threat. I also do a multitude of accents and have actually been mistaken on numerous occasions as a foreigner for my flawless accent, even by foreigners whose accent I was imitating. From fourth grade to eighth I played the flute in my school's band. I had also taught myself to play a little clarinet, alto saxiphone, drums, and guitar. I have exceptional computer skills and am often called upon as the computer tech by friends and family. I may be a girl but I can KICK YOUR ASS at Halo. I'm also quite handy around the house. I can fix furniture and electronics alike and can even work on your car! Need oil changed? Battery? Headlights? Tires? I can do it! I also have exceptional understanding and coordination with animals. I've trained cats, dogs, and horses to do tricks in a matter of minutes. I've been riding horses since I was ten and have been giving riding lessons since I was in junior high. I've competed in shows and used to work on a breeding ranch where I worked with stallions and helped train young horses. I certainly don't mind getting my hands dirty. And yet I can be quite girly and also have quite a hand with cosmetics. My eye for colors and composition make me exceptional with makeup and my hair styling isn't just limited to wigs. I've cut and styled hair since I was a young teen and I can even cut my own hair. Like... on the back of my head! I've never been to a salon in my life! My hair is butt-length, perfectly wavy and bright red. It may not be a natural red but most people think it's natural anyway. Kids at work call me Ariel or the Little Mermaid. I'm an extremely good swimmer, I even swam before I could walk. I'm great with kids, I've been trained in CPR and first aid about fifty times (literally, I used to be a licensed lifeguard and we had to do a re-training session every other week), I'm a great cook, I can sprint really fast, I have 20/10 vision (what most people see at 10 feet I can see at 20 feet), I can garden circles around most people, and can go for a WEEK without a shower and still smell like roses! I have an extremely dexterous body and excellent hand-eye coordination and I'm an exceedingly quick learner. I'm vocal, aural, visual, and I can pretty much pick up any skill in a matter of hours. Basically, I can do ANYTHING, BITCHES! I'm fucking AWESOME.'

*takes a deep breath*

That felt really good. Alright, peeps. It's your turn. Tell me how FUCKING AWESOME you are!


It's that time again! This is going to be a quick post because I have to leave for work.

First off I think I'm only going to two conventions this year. Comic Con, of course, and Kumoricon. I was planning on Anime Expo but I'm a little broke this year and I REALLY, really, really want to make it to Kumoricon so I'm going to need all the extra money I can get.

My costumes are also going to be a little meager. I'm actually going to be making three costumes, they're just going to be very cheap and easy ones to make.

I was going to attempt a CinderAgatha (from the Christmas '08 sidestory on Girl Genius) costume for the Labyrinth Ball in LA, but that's a $500 costume, easily, even if I don't go all-out. *sigh* Maybe next year. I'll figure out something cheaper this year. Still not sure yet.

My first costume is Belz, my OC Jägermonster character. I've been wanting to do her for a while and now that I finally have a solid design, I really want to do it! Also, my boyfriend is possibly doing his own Maxim costume (with my help and possibly some of my own costume pieces) so I wanted to do something GG that was not Maxim. In the future, though, I'd like to do a Sanaa Wilhelm costume. She's my favorite character these days.

The next costume is Kaylee Frye from Firefly. Yes, I know it's been done to death, but Michael and I REALLY wanted to cosplay a Firefly couple and we could just really pull off Simon and Kaylee. Though we could also just as easily pull off Mal and Inara. Maybe in the future... Ain't I a lucky girl? My boyfriend looks like a cross between Mal and Simon. Incidentally, I look like a cross between Inara and Kaylee. We really could do either couple. Though, Michael really thinks I would make a better Kaylee, and quite frankly, Simon and Kaylee are going to be much cheaper to do.

The last one is Sarah Walker from the NBC TV show Chuck. I'll be doing her Weinerlicious outfit. Michael and I have REALLY gotten into the show and he really wants to be Chuck so I agreed to be his counterpart. I'm actually rather excited to be doing this costume. I haven't really seen any cosplay for these characters so I hope we'll be unique, but at the same time they should be fairly popular characters among the geeks. Those costumes are the best. ^_^ Popular and unique.

Anyway, it's time for work. I'll give more updates later once I get going with these.

(Also, I just noticed that all three characters are female. O_O I think that's a first for me!)

Drawing Personality Test

drawing personality

You tend to pursue many different activities simultaneously. When misfortune does happen, it doesn't actually dishearten you all that much. You are a thoughtful and cautious person. You like to think about your method, seeking to pursue your goal in the most effective way. You are creative, mentally active and industrious. You have a sunny, cheerful disposition.

What does your drawing say about YOU?


It's official.

I gots a boyfriend. :)

Yay, postcards!!

Thank you for the postcard, Kaja! You are made of awesome. And I hope your holiday was just as fantastic as mine was. :)

Now as for YOU TWO *looks at Molly and Katrina*... you guys make me happier than you can possibly know. *cuddles*

Hello from Portland!

I'm hopping on Molly's computer real fast while we're unwinding from Kumoricon to say a quick hello. Con has been AWESOME. We did two radio play sessions (two plays during the first one and one full play and two previews of new plays Phil's currently working on in the second one). We also had our own panel that we used to perform our Girl Genius Dating Game skit. It was a major hit and a TON of fun to do! The room was packed. We almost had to turn people away because we couldn't fit them all in the room. Phil also managed to show up! And everything has been filmed so I'll be posting those videos here as soon as I have access to them.

That's all for now and I'll probably be posting more once I get home. And expect a ton of pictures and a few videos!


Kumoricon time!

Alright, folks. My flight leaves in four and a half hours for Portland where I'll be meeting up with Molly and company. YAY! I'm so excited to be going back.

I'll be gone until Wednesday afternoon. Seeya then!

Commissions: OPEN!

Now that convention season is mostly over for me and I've gotten done everything that needed to be done (except my Jen costume but that's really low priority for me right now) I am now officially open for commissions again.

I'm taking both art and wig commissions. For info on art, click here. For info on wigs, click here.

Comments will be screened in case someone wants to discuss a commission here.

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